MercFuel provides a variety of fuel services for operators and FBOs around the world.  Please continue reading for a brief description of our core services to learn how we can help you boost your bottom line.  Contact us for any additional information.

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Corporate & Commercial Fuel

With today’s volatile oil prices, MercFuel plays an important role for its U.S. and international airline customers as one of only a few companies across the globe that is able to access aviation fuel and resell it, utilizing its purchasing power that is in excess of 400 million gallons of jet fuel annually. Through strategic relationships on all the major continents, MercFuel is not only able to source fuel but also ensure that it’s delivered into planes across the globe.

Fuel Management

MercFuel’s comprehensive fuel management program helps FBOs and operators procure fuel for whatever their needs are. The program allows operators to maximize efficiencies in their network, letting them know where and when they can buy fuel for the best possible prices.

Bulk Fuel

With efficient and reliable bulk fuel services, MercFuel is able to get the best prices for its customers by maintaining excellent relationships with its suppliers and buying in large quantities. As an independent company, MercFuel has the flexibility to buy from a variety of sources, allowing it to seek out the suppliers with the lowest possible fuel prices. MercFuel passes these savings onto its customers!

Contract Fuel

MercFuel is able to provide lower aviation fuel prices because it purchases the fuel at a discount by leveraging its buying power with suppliers, plus, there are no third party fees for valued contract fuel customers! Operating as an independent business, MercFuel is able to offer better service and quicker response times than its competitors. The additional benefits of flexible credit underwriting and invoice consolidation are clear and precise.

Solar – Electric Invoicing

MercFuel’s electronic invoicing system, dubbed Solar, was designed to work quickly and efficiently with any accounting or POS system capable of exporting invoices. The system vastly improves the fuel transaction data collection process, providing quick, easy, and accurate invoicing. An entire batch of invoices may be sent with just a few mouse clicks, in well under a minute, and the direct system-to-system nature of the process reduces billing time and errors. This simple web-based system provides FBOs the benefit of increased accuracy throughout the fuel transaction chain, as well as back-office interfaces to better manage accounts.

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Credit & Processing

MercFuel offers flexible credit options for clients and proudly does not charge interest or late fees for valued customers. Looking for a simpler way to pay? Using these bill aggregation services, customers are able to run their entire fuel spin through MercFuel and only pay one bill.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is another key component to consider while striving to keep fuel costs down. MercFuel has been helping customers manage their inventory for years, and has demonstrated the ability to bring significant savings by providing insight into how much fuel to buy and when to buy it. The comprehensive knowledge of the market, extensive experience, and disciplined approach that MercFuel brings to the table all contribute to the most cost-effective method to manage fuel inventory.

Committed to your Success

We are committed to building custom and effective fuel solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us at 800.233.5382 or to explore opportunities.

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  • No Service Fees for Contract Customers
  • Built on Integrity and Customer Loyalty
  • Corporate Fuel Service Since 1996
  • Over 400M Gallons Purchased Annually


We really appreciate all MercFuel's hard work. They make our life so much easier!"

Agnes Domagala
Skyservice Business Aviation

"We trust MercFuel to keep our planes flying—24/7/365. We are very pleased with our partnership and the total commitment MercFuel makes to our success."

Gary Voss
Director of Fuel Purchasing
DHL Americas

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