Solar - Electronic Invoicing

MercFuel's electronic invoicing system, dubbed Solar, is designed to work quickly and efficiently with any accounting or POS system capable of exporting invoices. The system vastly improves the fuel transaction data collection process, providing quick, easy, and accurate invoicing. An entire batch of invoices may be sent with just a few mouse clicks, in well under a minute, and the direct system to system nature of the process reduces billing time and errors. This simple web-based system provides FBOs the benefit of increased accuracy throughout the fuel increased accuracy throughout the fuel transaction chain, as well as back-office interfaces to better manage accounts.

Solar – Introduction
MercFuel's Solar system is a quick and easy way
for you to save time and money by sending
your invoices to us electronically.

TFBO Users

Solar – TFBO Setup (Payment Method)
Kati walks you through the quick process of setting up
the TotalFBO point of sale system so
that you may use it with Solar.

Solar – How to use TFBO with Solar
Kati shows you how to make a sale and export
your transactions using TotalFBO.

Don't use TFBO?

Solar – System Compatibility (non-TFBO)
Mercury's electronic invoicing system, Solar, was
designed to work with any accounting system.

Solar – How to send your invoices with Solar
Kati walks you through the process of logging
in to Solar and sending the invoices.

When you're ready to start using this system or if you have any questions,
please contact your MercFuel representative.
Call us at 800.233.5382 or email us at

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